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המרפאה בירמיהו

About The Clinic

The Clinic is a friendly clinic which provides comprehensive solutions to every patient. Our vision is to  including all aspects of health care, in order to identify the problem and make our patients healthy.

רפואה כללית בירמיהו

Medical Doctors and Therapists

The Clinic has many specialised Doctors on call. The Doctors comes from various fields such as Plastic Surgery, Neurology, Family Medicine and Clinical dietary.  You can reach the Doctors by making an appointment.

רפואה משלימה ב המרפאה בירמיהו

Alternative Treatment

The Clinic has many specialists and experts working within the areas of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Fertility. Treatments based on natural techniques for the body and soul. You can reach the Specialists by making an appointment.

שאלות ותשובות בנושא בריאות

See a Doctor in Tel Aviv Today

The Clinic offers emergency treatment to patients without an Israeli Heath Care Service. Please click here for more information.

The Clinic in Tel Aviv – For Better Health

The Clinic was founded in 2013 , and is located on Yirmiyahu street 37 , the heart of the old north in Tel Aviv.

The Clinic has both medical Doctors and Alternative Specialists, just make an appointment

The Clinic is an independent clinic, which serves patients from Maccabi Healthcare Services and patients from private healthcare services .

Additional Information

The clinic : Yirmiyahu 37 Street , Tel Aviv

Clinic Phone : 03-6133553

Cell: +972 54-544-1839


Fax: 03-6133554

Appointments : Auto answer 24 hours 057-9955478

Maccabi focus nonstop : *3555


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