Doctors in Tel Aviv Clinic Health Services

שירותי רפואה כלליים ב מרפאה בירמיהו

Medical Doctors and Therapists

The Clinic offers the best medical expertise in the following areas:
Family Medicine

Medical Tourism

Plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments




Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology Children and Youth

Adult care medical psychology

Nutrition consultant clinical dietitian

Physiotherapy and massage therapists and sports instructor

רפואה משלימה ב מרפאה בירמיהו

Alternative Treatment

The Clinic works within alternative medicine , we offer a range of professional therapists.

Additional Information

The clinic : Yirmiyahu 37 Street , Tel Aviv

Clinic Phone : 03-6133553

Fax: 03-6133554

Appointments : Auto answer 24 hours 057-9955478

Maccabi focus nonstop : *3555


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