About The Clinic


The clinic is an independent clinic, which serves patients of Maccabi Health Services, Clalit Mushlam and private health Care services.

 The clinic was founded in 2013, and is located on Yirmiyahu Street 37, the heart of the old north of Tel Aviv.

Our vision is to provide patients our professional medical service, in a responsive and timely manner. Whether the services are provided at the clinic or whether treatment requires collaboration with external laboratories or clinics. We are here for you.

Preventive medicine, Health promotion, early detection.These principles are the cornerstones that guide us as a team. We care for our patients and will follow you through your health or your sickness.

A healthy mind, a healthy body. Our approach is to examine the physical condition of the patient, and to understand the emotions and personality as well. The mental factor can never be overlooked.

We are trying to provide the best availability for our patients using different forms of communications. Our clinic can be reached during business hours through our personal phone services, and after business hours via e-mail, fax or through our website.

Dear patient, we will be happy to be of service at any time, just make an appointment.


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Additional Information

The clinic : Yirmiyahu 37 Street , Tel Aviv

Clinic Phone : 03-6133553

Cell: +972 54-544-1839

Mail: mazkirutmirpaa37@gmail.com

Fax: 03-6133554

Appointments : Auto answer 24 hours 057-9955478

Maccabi focus nonstop : *3555